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Review of the guest for Dawat -e - Mezbaan

Mrs Manjima menon adressing the audience

Dr Sanjay Pativar Adresing Audience

Food Fiesta 2020 Tour de food


Chef Sushant Khandagale on Ruchira Cookery Show

Doordarshan Cookery Show - Ruchira

Saloni and Shraddha Womens day March 8, 2019

Food Fiesta Galaxy - 12 January 2019

Flaring done by Third Year students(Amateur Aspiring Bartender)

Mocktail- Desi 143

Ruchira Cookery Show on Sahyadri

Ruchira Cookery Show on Sahyadri

Food Fiesta 2018 Day 1

Food Fiesta 2018 Day 2

A Farewell Tribute by First Year Students to Third Year Students 2018

Anvat Svad Episode 2 at BVCHTMS

Doordarshan Shoot of Episode for Anvat Swad at BVCHTMS

Daiquiri-How to make Classic Rum Base Cocktail by the youngest female bartender

Martini- How to make this classic Gin based Cocktail

Manhattan cocktail- How to make classic whisky based cocktail

Margarita-How to make Classic Tequila Base Cocktail

Cosmopolitan-How to make the classic vodka base cocktail

Theme Dinner at BV CHTMS, Navi Mumbai

Bharati Vidyapeeth Song
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